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Our mission

We are training the next generation of global climate leaders!

Our mission is to educate, train, and empower global youth to become leaders in addressing the root causes of climate change and mitigating the effects in their communities and around the world.

Through leadership development, experiential skills-based training, and practical real-world application, we support and mentor youth to take on the most pressing global issues of our time.


Our Programs

Our programs offer opportunities for youth to:

  • Deepen their knowledge of climate science and issues

  • Take action on issues important to them

  • Engage audiences and those with differing viewpoints

  • Learn a wide variety of skills, from scientific research to public speaking

  • Perform community service in communities impacted by climate change

  • Gain valuable leadership skills and experience

  • Offer and receive peer-to-peer support

  • Experience the practical realities of working to reduce climate change

We offer a variety of programs, from two-week training sessions in climate action, to in-depth climate leadership training, to extended internships and professional work experience with climate organizations around the world.


What You'll Learn

Climate change is much more than an environmental issue – it affects us all in every aspect of our lives, from the policies of our governments to how our economies work, from what we eat and where we get our food to our modes of transportation, from what kind of energy we use to the very health of our planet.

Through the Global Climate Corps you will gain many things: a foundation in the science of the changing climate, an understanding of the human causes and social impacts of climate change, leadership training in how to effect change at both the local and global level, and real-world experience in how to address the many dimensions of climate change.


Start Your Journey Now

Addressing the causes and impacts of climate change will require vision, dedication, and skills from the next generation of leaders.

But leaders are not created overnight. At the Global Climate Corps we are dedicated to building leaders who are equipped and ready to address the challenges of the future.

If you care and are concerned about ANY aspect of the climate change issue - we are dedicated to training and supporting you!

Join us now to start your journey!